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Our Story

          Everyday Fresh Produce Inc., is a leading ethnic wholesale produce distributor located on the Chicago International Produce Market. With over 30 years of produce experience, our goal is to provide you with top quality service at the best possible price. We provide fresh produce daily, and specialize in Asian, Indian, and Hispanic fruits and vegetables. Our fresh produce arrives daily from countries around the world, including but not limited to: USA, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, China, India, Brazil, Thailand, Ecuador, Korea, and Israel.

​          Everyday Fresh distributes the freshest produce to grocers and restaurants throughout the Midwest.  Some states we service are: llinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, and Kentucky. Whether you are looking for American Okra, Mangoes, Chinese Eggplant, Tindora, Chinese Okra, Indian Eggplant, Opo, Ginger, Garlic or Daikon, you can count on Everyday Fresh, to provide your business with fresh produce….everyday.



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